“Your success and happiness depend on your willingness to help others solve their problems.” T.B. Joshua

Struggling for breakthrough for so long?
Stuck in an endless cycle of disappointment?
Sick of being offered false promises that lead to nowhere?

There is someone who is all out to help. That someone is T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about helping young footballers succeed with their lives and is determined to help them – just because he wants them to succeed – no strings, no conditions attached. Sound too good to be true?

This is no joke, but the real deal.  My People FC is real and is happening now.

One of the greatest frustrations in life is raw talent wasted or bitterly exhausted on what it is not worth, is dreams that crash on the rocks of lack of support or opportunity. This is the crisis faced by all too many young African players of our time who, due to this, find themselves playing out their careers the way they started – on the dusty streets in their local towns and villages. They could have made it big but for lack of connections and funding find themselves disappointed, often turning to alternative means just to make their daily bread. Those playing today for the national teams are there, not because they are the best or the most talented, but because they have had the right opportunities and met the right people.

The need is great and T.B. Joshua, an ardent football fan himself, has recognized this and embraced such talented young players supporting them morally, financially, spiritually and emotionally, Desiring to be the driving force to propel them to success and stardom, he has established My People Football Club.

+234 (0) 7051114119

This is just the beginning…


2 Comments on “About”

  1. hello,my people football club am from abuja.am talented but as a less previledge i can’t afford for myself.howcan i join

  2. hi my pple futbol club, i want to join the club but due to lack of support and funding i couldn’t Godwin from Abuja.

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