My People FC Features in Complete Sports


On Tuesday 2nd June 2009, My People FC featured in Nigeria’s Complete Sports newspaper. Complete Sports is the most popular sports newspaper in Nigeria, both in the north and the south. The editor and a reporter paid a trip to The SCOAN to interview MPFC founder and pioneer, T.B. Joshua on his vision for the club.

This is the interview:

CS: What actually prompted your interest in sports particularly football?
TBJ: You know as a believer you must use all proper means to help our youths in this country. They are the ones who feel the pain of the poor economy today. It is important to use sports to stop our youths from engaging in social vices. If you go to the Niger Delta,  it’s the youth you will find there. If you look at the rate of robberies in the country today, you will discover it is the youth who spearhead such robberies. If you now move up to our universities: It is the youth that you will find in the secret cults. These are some  of the problems faced by our youths today and one of the best ways to help them off the streets is through sports.

I strongly believe the young shall grow. They may not be there today, but the future of this country belongs to them. That is why those of us in the position to uplift them need to use all proper means to help them reach their future goals.

Sports is a vital instrument in nation building, little wonder why so many of our youths are embracing it. My vision is to use sports to draw most of our youth out of satanic hands. Not just football alone, we have other areas like wrestling. I am sure you know ultimate commander, God used me to nurture him in his dream. He is an African Champion with a title belt to his credit.

My main vision of going into sports is to give a future to footballers who are hungry to make a career out of the round leather game without collecting a dime from them and we thank God we have already  started that, we want these players to play football and serve God with their lives.

Like our club, My people FC, the players are camped here and fed. It is not for any monetary gain, it is all about soul winning through sports. All I have been telling them is not to forget how God brought them up from the miry clay to become great in their career. It is not for them to pay us back when they sign good contracts but to help themselves, their  families, the needy, orphans and the less privileged. God has raised footballers to help the widows and become a benefactor to those who need their help in future.

CS: Despite being a Christian, your help to the masses cuts across all religions, it has been established that you are from a Muslim background and you’ve been helping everybody which seems to have pitched the Christian pastors against you. How would you react to this?
TBJ: Love your neighbour as yourself. If you love those who love you, you have not done anything. Your neighbour could be your enemy, love him. He might be someone who does not share the same faith with you, love him. It is all about loving one’s neighbour irrespective of their colour, religion or race.

CS: In the past we have heard and read about ex internationals coming to your church here to find lasting solutions to their injuries. Like Daniel Amokachi, Nwankwo Kanu etc. Sir, can you tell us your experiences with them.
TBJ: Like I said earlier on, I want to see everybody succeed in their careers and endeavours irrespective of their positions as footballers. Their personality does not really matter, all I want to achieve is for people to succeed in their career. This is what I was born for, it  is what I’m living for and it is what I am willing to die for.

CS: What joy do you derive from setting up a football academy, healing players injuries and helping the needy generally?
TBJ: We will begin to succeed with our lives when the hurt of others mean a lot to us. When we show how much we care for others, when the pains of others become our pain, then our successes in life becomes a thing of priority before God.

Problem solvers, are those who show concern to oter people’s problems. Successful people are problem solvers. Whatever our gift is; that is what God will use to bless others through us.

CS: What are your expectations on Nigeria’s chances of winning the U-17 World Cup at home?
TBJ: As a Nigerian, we all agree that its another chance for us to win the U-17 World Cup again since we are the host. It is my belief that Nigeria has what it takes to win again. All we have to do is to come together as a nation and work towards the success of whosoever is put in charge of the team. It is not the time to criticise the coach or NFF but offer useful advise that can make us host a memorable and successful World Cup.

CS: Where do you stand on the issue of hiring a foreign coach for the Super Eagles?
TBJ: I believe Nigeria is blessed with a large pool of indigenous coaches who are ready to serve in any capacity. But it is important you meet the demands of our local coaches, if you want them to perform at the optimum level.

As for foreign coach, they have more than enough in terms of material and financial strength and that is why you cannot order them around. That is why they can wake up one morning, pack their luggage and leave for their country.

If we really want to get the best from our indigenous coaches, we must be ready to address their welfare packages by paying them something closer, if not equal of what an expartriate gets.

How do you expect multi-millionaire players who earn foreign currency week in week out abroad to respect an indigenous coach who is owed salary for 6 months? That’s absolutely impossible. How can a servant be greater than his master? It has to be the other way round if we really want the Super Eagles to fly again.

CS: You have been supporting the Super Eagles for years now. Do you think Nigeria will qualify for the South Africa 2010 World Cup?
TBJ: With God all things are possible but we have to do the right thing by preparing our team well for every match. But then, we also need prayers to succeed. When you pray someone needs to say amen, but then you cannot pray here and be 100% sure that the man who is standing aloof is saying Amen to your prayers. In all, the Super Eagles needs our supports as Nigerians to qualify for the World Cup.

CS: Your academy, Mypeople FC have made some progress despite coming on board for just a few months. How far do you want to take these players?
TBJ: Already, we thank God the club is making progress especially with the calibre of friendly matches played so far. Only recently they lost 3-2 to Flying Eagles and we see that as good strides. The creation of My People FC is just one way out of many to empower the youth, giving them the chance to reach for the height in their careers and also to help our national team to complement their effort.

I am advising people all over the World to follow in our footsteps too.

CS: What other success story can you tell our readers about Mypeople FC. We heard Ajax  Amsterdam wants some of your players.
TBJ: To the glory of God, three of our players are currently in Sweden with Boden BK FC and they are not doing badly. Yes, we’ve had several agents and clubs in Europe, who wrote to us informing us of their interest and willingness to have some of our players. We are still working hard and if there is anything we need to do right in ensuring that these players have great future in football, that we will do without asking for anything in return from them.

CS: Thank you sir for your time.
TBJ: It’s my pleasure.

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30 Comments on “My People FC Features in Complete Sports”

  1. maralise200 Says:

    Hmmmm – what a healthy view to challenging the youth to do their best. Everyone loves football and it’s about time we started educating the budding football stars about how to use their fame to better humanity. Go – My People FC – with a world renownd prophet as your founder – you’re in good hands!!

  2. harrison Says:

    pls sir where can i get your foot ball academy form

    • mpfcobserver Says:

      Hi harrison,
      The screening to join MPFC takes place on Wednesdays at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Ikotun Egbe. But for more information, you can call the church on any of the following numbers: 07058079083, 08039567125, 07064865517.
      By the way, are you a nigerian?

  3. Hansley Says:

    Dear MPFC,
    I am a Cameroonian aged 19 who have played in the United Arab Emirates and in India with lots of injuries and failures.i have written several mails to MPFC and have even answered all the questions and send my pictures as demanded but yet no reply.i really wish to join this academy to start a glorious career.please let me know what to do to join this academy,i am ready to pay my flight to nigeria and start training as soon as possible.
    thanks.God bless you.
    Hansley from Cameroon

    • mpfcobserver Says:

      Hi Hansley,
      I think the process of inviting foreign players to MPFC is still underway and shortly they will get back to you and
      let you know when to come. God’s time is the best!

      • Hansley Says:

        Dear mpfc observer,
        God bless you wonderfully for your great work,like i said, i was sent a form from the scoan which i had filled and even sent my team and personal football pictures and demanded by the scoan,Here in Cameroon, corruption,bribery and social ills has rendered our future hopeless and since i learnt of mpfc,i can’t stop at nothing till i be a part of that winning team.please mpfc observer, i need your help and the help of the scoan and prophet TB Joshua to help put my football career back on the rail if not i am lost.i count on you.
        Thanks Hansly from Cameroon

  4. Hansley Says:

    Dear mpfc observer,
    God bless you wonderfully for your great work,like i said, i was sent a form from the scoan which i had filled and even sent my team and personal football pictures and demanded by the scoan,Here in Cameroon, corruption,bribery and social ills has rendered our future hopeless and since i learnt of mpfc,i can’t stop at nothing till i be a part of that winning team.please mpfc observer, i need your help and the help of the scoan and prophet TB Joshua to help put my football career back on the rail if not i am lost.i count on you.
    Thanks Hansley from Cameroon

    • mpfcobserver Says:

      Hansley, just continue to wait for an invitation from the club.
      God’s time is the best and in His time, He will surely see you through any trying situation you may be facing.
      The best is yet to come!

      • Hansley Says:

        Thanks for your kind words but at this i feel like the mpfc has excluded us Cameroonians from its program which we are a strong and faithful follower of the man of God prophet Joshua.i shall patiently wait for my invitation but i really need to join mpfc to put my brilliant football career in order and give it some God fearing qualities.
        God bless you,please i am counting on mpfc for a bright future in my football career.

  5. hello dearly beloved,my names are alechenu e.enokela from benue state Nigeria.i have been wantin to know how to make to mypeoplefc,how can i achieve this aim ?thanks sir GOD BLESS U.wish to hear from soon through my email.

    • mpfcobserver Says:

      Hi alechenu, I believe the screening to join MPFC takes place on Wednesday’s, but you can call the church for further information
      God bless!
      07058079083, 08039567125

  6. hello dearly beloved,my names are alechenu e.enokela from benue state Nigeria.i have been wantin to know how to make it to mypeoplefc,how can i achieve this aim ?thanks sir GOD BLESS U.wish to hear from soon through my email.

  7. adama james solomon Says:

    hello name is adama solomon.i am a player in benue state and i would like to know how i can join mpfc.and where your location in lagos is .thank u sir.

  8. Hansley Says:

    Dear mpfc observer,
    it’s your regular writer and footballer from Cameroon.Just wish to find out if there has been any latest developments with regards to the invitation of foreign players.Have my transport ready and just want to be trained in an academy like mpfc cos the standards of football in my country are depreciating by the days, the future of my bright football career here in Cameroon is threatened please mpfc observer interceed and do something for me.
    God bless you.

  9. harrison mac alex chihurumnanya Says:

    this is my number 08080205852

  10. Hansley Says:

    Dear mpfc observer,
    once more accept greetings from Cameroon where i am desperately waiting for the scoan to grant my permision to come and train with mpfc.i am an orphan and one of the best footballers in my region, but because i don’t have a godfather and money to bribe my way forward,there is no hope,my only hope now is mpfc which is like paying attention only to Nigerians.Please i don’t need any special treatment as a foreigner, all i need is just to train and develope my talent in a God fearing foundation.Thanks and waiting to hear from you.
    Please Tell the prophet it’s time to extend a hand of fellowship to Cameroon.
    Thanks and God bless you

  11. Hi dear people of mpfc,Hansley is really soundin very sorrowful i plead on his behave to please tell PAPAA” to please & please consider at list just Hansley for now as a foreigner cos this guy really need it.Hansley i like ur spirit keep it real.You will never let mpfc go,unless they bless you!!!!!! ALECHENU E.

  12. Hansley Says:

    Dear Scoan/my people f.c,
    i shall never run short of words and writing untill mpfc and the scoan bless you.Just like the woman with the issue of blood who believed touching Jesus’ cloth would heal her, i have that same faith cos i know what i carry and because of the corrupt and falling standards of football in Cameroon,my keep drawning in my dreams and see my talents perish.please i need your blessings.Tell PAPAA,my breath is fading away but my faith is strong,please tell help me build this God given talent by letting me join this glorious academy so i can be a blessing to others.God bless you all.Even in my difficulties here in the streets, i have faith and i believe God through the Scoan and MPFC,shall help develop my football.

  13. Hansley Says:

    Dear ALECHENU E,
    God bless you for being there for me,i believe you really understand what i am going through and how i feel, please continue to interceed for me as i go through these trying moments.I equally wish you all the best in your undertakings and pray one day we shall be not only team-mates at MPFC but good friends too.
    God bless you my brother.
    keep praying for me.

  14. antonio barta Says:

    Thank god for the blessing for all of you.
    Yes we are here because of you and will continue helping you and make your name in europe or in another part of the world.

  15. Ngoyam Faith Moki Says:

    Hello sir,i am a cameroonian player by name Faith who is interested in joining mpfc,i have being playing in cameroon for close to six years,and during this six years in my career there has been no progress but since the day i learnt of mpfc i keep getting the feeling that i am supost to join them.So dear sir i will like to know how can it be possible for me to join the scoan.Thanks for understanding
    Yours Cameronian player Faith (In God We Trust)

  16. Hi Hansley,i believe GOD have something in stock 4 you hear in Nigeria,we will b testifin all of this someday to the Glory of God.Prophet T.B JOSHUA will hear your cry & come 2 your aid while i keep rememberin u in prayers.we are friends already cos i like people with strong faith like you,i am a good striker what about you?Dear mpfc observer listen to my brother Hansley please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hansley Says:

      My Dear Alechenu,
      Thanks for such beautiful words of encouragement and i know my faith shall let me through.You are a friend indeed and i pray God strengthens you as you browse through the football world.I am a prolific striker and often plays too as a right or left winger cos of my incredible speed.i believe we shall meet soonest and all the Glory shall be on to the Lord.Keep fighting for me my friend.

  17. Hansley Says:

    Dear Scoan/mpfc,
    For how long shall i cry in the wilderness before my cry is heard? is it like all my pleas and interest are falling of deaf ears.I know God has something in stuck for me,Like i said, my faith can only be compared to the faith of the woman with the issue of blood who knew that touching Jesus’s cloth was going to heal her, i know that in my people f.c. is shall be structured with the required moral and spiritual support to stand the test of time.I am not giving up,maybe you’re tired of my mails, but the bible says seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open onto thee, is shall not stop knocking untill the day is open to me.
    God bless you.
    God with us.


  19. i think they should giv some of the u 17 players a trial to play for world cup.

  20. i need pastor t.b joshua to pray for me and my family,sir i really need ur prayer on be half of my studies .

  21. John Says:

    hi sir am from abeokuta and am coming 2 lagos next month 4 a trial at my people fc but i dont really know the address sir,can u help me with d address sir.thanks

  22. John Atamu Says:

    Sir please i really need to join your football club to keep my carrier hopes alive. Since the death of my father in june 2010 things has not been easy for my self and the family, sir please i really need your help. Sir this is my number 08161623567,and 08095294335. God bless you sir.

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